Two sweet Geschenk from Germany

I can only tell a very short report.

Herr Andreas Grupp (Elektronikschule Tettnang)

Today Herr Grupp is finally arrived in VEDC after his flight was delayed for a loooooooong time! In his email, he asked me whether he should bring me something I want. Me, I can't tell what I want since I know he is a very nice person, and I don't want to make a burden for him.

In my email I wrote,

I decided to believe in your instinct as a father of 3 daughters, Sir... :) (or maybe four, since Dian always told me that you are her Deutscher Vater)
And he brought me these two:

The small thing is a pin. I always want that pin since I know Frau Idama has one when she visited TEttnang two years ago. She said, the pin is specially given only for special people who came to Elektronikschule Tettnang. I decided to spend my biggest gut to ask for this stuffs. He agreed to bring me one pin, and I am flying away in the sky because of happiness...

The black box is an eyeshadow. And yes, it is a MAC!!! MAC Black Tied...
Oh dear Lord, am I dreaming???? I never have the guts to dream having this eye shadow since it is very expensive. In rupiahs it might cost you Rp. 185.000. I am trying to be reasonable by erasing it from my wish list. Today, my dream eye shadow has become a true reality.

Thanks God!!!

Vielen dank, Herr Grupp!!!! *wide grin*

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