Thanks NenoQ for the free L'oreal HiP Gel Liners... *waiting patiently

As you might have guessed...
Again I am in my deepest curiosity about gel liners.
I was asking some friends about it, and it is indeed drooling.
Here's what I want now...

This is not too pricey, yet it has great reviews. Suddenly I was reminded that a forum friend sold this a long time ago. Her forum name is NenoQ. I smsed her last night asking about the existance of the "thing", and she came out with dazzling answer. She gave up with her L'oreal HiP liner and intended to give it to me for free. At first I felt uneasy. I wanted her to request something, so that we can literally swap somethings. She refused it. I think, she gave up of being BENCONG.
And me?
It's way to go, Sweety...
It's a long way to go to my pertobatan about lenongan and handbags...


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