Recommended Shade of MAC eye shadows

from Temptalia

Blacks >> Black Tied, Carbon
Blues >> Deep Truth, Freshwater, Moon’s Reflection
Browns >> Amber Lights, Bronze, Woodwinked
Golds >> Goldmine, Gorgeous Gold, Juiced
Grays/Silvers >> Knight Divine, Print, Silver Ring
Greens >> Humid, Juxt, Velvet Moss
Neutrals/highlighters >> Dazzlelight, Ricepaper, Vex
Oranges >> Mythology, Orange, Rule
Pinks >> Da Bling, Passionate, Pen ‘N’ Pink
Purples >> Parfait Amour, Satellite Dreams, Stars N’ Rockets
Teals >> Aquadisiac, Shimmermoss, Surreal
Whites >> Chill, Crystal Avalanche, Gesso

Mine? None...
I only have one MAC pigment shade Golden Olive.
Love it!!! And the good thing is, it will last a life time...
(I bought 1 full jar)

I wanna try MAC eyeshadow, but I'd rather buying the second handed since it is very expensive to buy it new...
I plan to buy an eye shadow here or here...


Monique said...

Hey Jingga, and what would be your favourite colour for the MAC eyeshadow?


Hey Monique...

As you have read in my page, I have none. The only eye color that I have from MAC is a pigment (Golden Olive and Naval Blue from Naughty Nauticals). But of course I want to have one!! I think they would be:
1. Black Tied
2. Nehru
3. Trax
4. Orange
5. Woodwinked or Twinks

What about you? What's your favorite MAC e/s??