Two sweet Geschenk from Germany

I can only tell a very short report.

Herr Andreas Grupp (Elektronikschule Tettnang)

Today Herr Grupp is finally arrived in VEDC after his flight was delayed for a loooooooong time! In his email, he asked me whether he should bring me something I want. Me, I can't tell what I want since I know he is a very nice person, and I don't want to make a burden for him.

In my email I wrote,

I decided to believe in your instinct as a father of 3 daughters, Sir... :) (or maybe four, since Dian always told me that you are her Deutscher Vater)
And he brought me these two:

The small thing is a pin. I always want that pin since I know Frau Idama has one when she visited TEttnang two years ago. She said, the pin is specially given only for special people who came to Elektronikschule Tettnang. I decided to spend my biggest gut to ask for this stuffs. He agreed to bring me one pin, and I am flying away in the sky because of happiness...

The black box is an eyeshadow. And yes, it is a MAC!!! MAC Black Tied...
Oh dear Lord, am I dreaming???? I never have the guts to dream having this eye shadow since it is very expensive. In rupiahs it might cost you Rp. 185.000. I am trying to be reasonable by erasing it from my wish list. Today, my dream eye shadow has become a true reality.

Thanks God!!!

Vielen dank, Herr Grupp!!!! *wide grin*


Recommended Shade of MAC eye shadows

from Temptalia

Blacks >> Black Tied, Carbon
Blues >> Deep Truth, Freshwater, Moon’s Reflection
Browns >> Amber Lights, Bronze, Woodwinked
Golds >> Goldmine, Gorgeous Gold, Juiced
Grays/Silvers >> Knight Divine, Print, Silver Ring
Greens >> Humid, Juxt, Velvet Moss
Neutrals/highlighters >> Dazzlelight, Ricepaper, Vex
Oranges >> Mythology, Orange, Rule
Pinks >> Da Bling, Passionate, Pen ‘N’ Pink
Purples >> Parfait Amour, Satellite Dreams, Stars N’ Rockets
Teals >> Aquadisiac, Shimmermoss, Surreal
Whites >> Chill, Crystal Avalanche, Gesso

Mine? None...
I only have one MAC pigment shade Golden Olive.
Love it!!! And the good thing is, it will last a life time...
(I bought 1 full jar)

I wanna try MAC eyeshadow, but I'd rather buying the second handed since it is very expensive to buy it new...
I plan to buy an eye shadow here or here...


7 Ways to Annoy a Flight Attendant

I got this article from here.

1. Bring your pet on the plane and then act like an animal.
Over the years, I've seen a pet on a passenger's lap, a pet tucked into a seatback pocket, and a pet loose in the aisle (I nearly hit one with my beverage cart). All of this is against federal regulations. People tell me how well-behaved their pet is, but they can't follow the rules themselves! Your pet must stay in its carrier while you're on the plane. Yes, even if you've paid a "pet-in-cabin" fee.

2. Shove your bag into the first bin you see and then walk to your seat in the back of the plane.
You think you're clever, I know. You expect to grab your bag on your way out of the plane, but you're selfishly inconveniencing others. I can't lie and say we flight attendants don't take some small satisfaction when we tell you, "We couldn't identify the bag's owner, so we sent it to cargo." It's a security issue, for real. Carry-ons need to stay near their owners! So don't look so shocked when we say, "The signs will direct you to baggage claim. You can pick up your bag there."

3. Think that because you're on an airplane you're off-duty as a parent.
Stop expecting us to have spare diapers, formula, medicine, toys, playing cards, or batteries for DVD players or Game Boys. It's an airplane, not a 7-11. Take your kid to the restroom before you board. Leave the dry cereal and Legos at home and bring snacks and toys for your kids that won't make a horrible mess.

4. Drag on an oversize bag that's too heavy for you to lift by yourself.
I won't be compensated for any injuries I might sustain if I heft your bag into the overhead compartment for you. (And other passengers shouldn't have to step up and take the risk either.) The guideline is simple: You pack it, you stack it. Try this at home as a test (and this is to you ladies, especially): After you've packed your bag, put on the shoes you plan to wear on the plane and see if you can lift your bag and place it on top of your refrigerator. You can't? Pay the fee and check the bag.

5. Gripe that you haven't been seated in a roomy exit-row seat.
The exit rows weren't created as a reward for people who are tall, overweight, or just plain nice. They were designed to help passengers get out of the plane in an emergency. The people seated in an exit row must be able to see and speak clearly, open the emergency door, and help others. I prefer to see uniformed military, firefighters, law-enforcement officers, or off-duty pilots and flight attendants sitting in those seats. While the gate agent may assign exit-row seats first, the flight attendant makes the final determination about who gets to sit in them. And the quality of our choices is one of the frequent concerns of Federal Aviation Administration officials when they audit airlines for safety practices. So please don't complain. I'm just doing my job.

6. Act like you don't know the meaning of the words "under the seat in front of you."
Someday I will be muttering "under the seat in front of you" in the old-age home for flight attendants. What is it that you don't understand? To be clear, items should not be stowed behind your calves, under your feet like a footstool, in the open seat next to you, or in your lap. It's under the seat in front of you. And it applies to everything you carry on board. Items stored carelessly can trip others, or dislodge during takeoff and get lost, or inconvenience others. And while I'm on the topic: Please don't wrap your purse (or umbrella strap) around your ankle to keep from forgetting it. What will happen in an emergency, when every second counts and there's no time to disentangle yourself from your precious bag? Will you drag it ball-and-chain-style down the aisle of a burning plane?

7. Whine about the high price of flying.
When I hear people complain about coach airfares, I know they're not keeping up with the news. Fares have rarely been cheaper. In recent years, it's not uncommon for you to be able to cross the continent for under $130 each way, with a maximum of one layover. It's a bargain! At that price, you're barely paying for the fuel to get your body there—never mind the cost of shipping your 50 pounds of gear. You're already on the gravy plane. People point to first class ticket holders and want to know why they don't get the same treatment. Wake up folks: You're getting a great deal. If you want even more, pay more!
People, please behave yourselves!! :D



Thanks NenoQ for the free L'oreal HiP Gel Liners... *waiting patiently

As you might have guessed...
Again I am in my deepest curiosity about gel liners.
I was asking some friends about it, and it is indeed drooling.
Here's what I want now...

This is not too pricey, yet it has great reviews. Suddenly I was reminded that a forum friend sold this a long time ago. Her forum name is NenoQ. I smsed her last night asking about the existance of the "thing", and she came out with dazzling answer. She gave up with her L'oreal HiP liner and intended to give it to me for free. At first I felt uneasy. I wanted her to request something, so that we can literally swap somethings. She refused it. I think, she gave up of being BENCONG.
And me?
It's way to go, Sweety...
It's a long way to go to my pertobatan about lenongan and handbags...



Jumat Sehat fuer die Techniker

These are the people that I've been dealing with lately. Three days ago, they arrived from Germany and today they join the Jumat Sehat Program in my office. What can be funnier than three Germans struggling to match their movement with the beat of dangdut music??

Mind my so-so cellphone camera. I just grab the nearest camera I can reach :D


The 8 Phases of Dating... *cuakakakak

Source from here

If the picture is too small for you, just click it!! :D

Teaching Twice!!! Me so SUPER!!!

I just wanna congratulate myself for being a super woman. Yes, I am!!!
Today I will teach English twice. At 12 and at 4pm.

I am soooo damn cooooooooooollll...

By the way, this post is just so grosssssss!!!
Mba Ajeng... eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!


02/06 - 03/07

What's dat?

That's just a reminder that my "hard" time is finally coming. It was all started with going to Surabaya twice a day. First, dealing with customs office to get a package from Tettnang. It was smooth enough. Thanks God!!! *sembah sujud
The second one, I went to the airport to pick up the techniker. YuppP!! They finally arrived. Unlike my fear before, their English is quite okay!
Herzlich Wilkommen Patrick Gaupp, Juergen Kaczmarek and Florian Christberger!!!