My TWILIGHT has finally arrived....

Yeah! Setelah tergila-gila jatuh cintrong guling-guling termehek-mehek sama Dek Edward, my heart lands to the fact that I want to collect the saga, I mean Twilight Saga. Biarin juga ngabisin duit tabungan… *kemana larinya bencong perhitungan itu saat dibutuhkan…
Pertama aku browsing dengan penuh napsu di Om Gugel. Lha dalah ternyata buku itu available di kutukutubuku.com. Harganya lumayan murah dibanding harga buku Harry Potter yang selangit ketujuh itu. Catet: Aku nyarinya yang english version yak... Biar bisa ngerasain chemistry aslinya :P
Setelah nemu disitu, langsung pesen dengan segenap napsu yang ada. Tanpa ngeliat e-mail konfirmasi, langsung tancep ke ATM buat transfer duit ke kutubuku. Gebleknya, sampe besok entu email invoice belum dikirim juga. Dengan tidak sabar aku e-mail ke adminnya. Bener aja, ternyata mereka masi nunggu distribusi buku karena mereka lagi keabisan. Oh my goat...
Perburuan tidak berakhir sampe disitu. Selanjutnya, tiba-tiba aku inget kalo di fashionesedaily (forum fesyen dan make-up kesayanganku) perna ada thread Twilight. Langsung browsing kesana. Khattam aku baca thread itu dari awal sampe akhir. Aku nemu periplus.com dari thread itu juga. Langsung deh kucoba. Begitu tau ada semua, langsung daptar dan pesen buku ke-2, New Moon seharga Rp. 144.000 + shipping Rp. 14.000 (lebih murah dari kutubuku.com. Meong!!). Eits, tapi kali ini aku kagak begok kaya kemaren2, Bokkk.. Kali ini aku tunggu e-mail invoice, baru deh transfer.
Nah, hari Kemis itu setelah ngenet di Primanet, aku langsung ke ATM Niaga. Nah, abis gitu to kill the time aku jalan ke Gramed sendirian kaya orang ilang (bodo amat). Disana saudara-saudara, ngejogrok dengan manisnya minta ditimpuk sama pisang goreng hasil beli di sebelah Primanet, yeah... apalagi kalo bukan TWILIGHT SAGA!!! Didorong rasa penasaran sejagad kutu kupret, langsung aku liat harganya. Bokkkkkk... harga yang nomer 1-3 Rp. 145.000 dan yang nomer 4 Rp. 170.000 (diskon 20%). Yang terakhir ini yang bikin tertohok sampe ke relung hati terdalam (iya aku lebay)
Beginilah, kalo terlalu napsu ya gini ini akibatnya. Dengan segenap sumpah serapah aku keluar dari Gramed!!!!
Twilight-ku dateng Sabtu pagi jam 9-an. Malemnya kubuka dan dibaliknya ada label harga yang bunyinya beginih...
YZ98 0201 Periplus
Rp. 144.000


Transylvania Trek

by Samuel Z. Grest

As soon as the phone rang I knew I was in trouble. I always know when trouble's brewing, because the blue rat who lives inside my head starts to shiver with fear. When the phone rang he shivered so much that my eyeballs started juggling up and down.

"What's wrong?" I asked, picking up the phone and shaking my head to stop the blue rat from shivering. I listened carefully. It was Moss Biskin, who I knew from when I had to kill a zombie who was eating school kids in Brussels. He said he was in Transylvania, looking for vampires (Moss is always looking for something or other), and he'd found --

The phone went dead before he could finish. "Moss?" I asked, giving it a shake in case it was only faulty wiring. There was no answer. "This is bad," I said to the blue rat. "Tell me about it!" he squeaked. "I think you should pretend you never got that phone call." "You know I can't do that," I said. "I know," the blue rat sighed, then crawled out my left ear and slid down my shoulder to the floor. "Sorry, Sam, but I can't go with you this time. It's too dangerous. I don't think you'll come back." Then he ran away down a hole. I didn't blame him. I knew he had a wife and forty-six ratlings to think about.
I knew it was going to be a rocky flight when I saw the stewardesses wearing parachutes. They pretended it was just for a test, but I knew better. When the plane started shaking halfway to Transylvania, and they jumped out the door, leaving me and the other passengers behind, I wasn't the least bit surprised.

"Calm down!" I shouted when everyone started screaming. "I'll take care of this. Sit down and don't say anything. And don't move about, in case you rock the plane too much."

When everyone was sitting, I ran to the front of the plane and burst down the door. There was a creature inside who would have scared a lesser mortal to death. He was huge, with two big wings and dark green fangs. I didn't know who he was, but there was something familiar about him. "Let's see you get out of this one, Grest!" the creature grunted, ripping off the plane's steering wheel and throwing it at me. I ducked out of the way of the wheel, but when I stood up again the creature had leapt through the window and went flying away with his wings.

If the blue rat was with me, I could have sent him down the hole left by the steering wheel and he could have put the wires back together and drove the plane from in there. But I was all alone. Of course I could have jumped out and used the mini parachute I always carry in the heel of my left shoe, but there were the other passengers to think about. So I ripped off the entire front buttons and levers cover and grabbed the wires myself. It wasn't easy but I managed to land the plane in a very big pond just down the road from Dracula's castle. When I'd got everyone else out, the plane sank and I jumped ashore.

I had arrived in Transylania!!!
Dracula's castle had been abandoned for years but I wasn't fooled. I knew the vampire was there. Who else could have caused the brave and daring Moss Biskin so much fear? Going up the mountain, I tried to get to the castle before the sun went down, but I'd forgot to put my watch forward, so I got the time wrong, and it sank down behind the castle just as I got to the big front door.

I stood there for ages, not sure what to do next. I knew I should run away until morning, when the sun came back up. But Moss Biskin was in danger and needed my help. So, even though I knew I was maybe signing my death warrant, I pushed the door open and went in.

There were cobwebs all over the place, big and huge, white and sticky. I didn't see the spiders but I could hear them rubbing their legs together and hissing as I went past.

"We meet again!" the creature from the plane shouted, leaping out behind me when I got to a tall balcony and locking his arms around me. "Now I'll kill you at last, for murdering my brother!" Now I knew why he looked familiar. I'd killed his brother, the Monster From Mongolia, a couple of months before. "You won't kill me any more than your brother did," I laughed, grabbing him by his fangs and throwing him over the edge of the balcony. "Noooooo!" he screamed as he fell, but it was no good. He landed hard on the floor and broke his back, then the spiders came down and ate him alive while he was sreaming. It was horrible but he deserved it.

"Vell done, Meester Grest," Dracula said. Turning quickly, I saw that he was standing in front of me, smiling nastily. "You are a vorthy opponent. Such a peety I have to kill you." Saying that, he pressed a switch and the floor beneath me disappeared. I dropped into a pit full of poisonous cobra snakes.
I would have been a goner, except I know how to charm snakes and always carry a flute in my bag. Pulling it out, I started to play, and soon all the snakes were asleep. Dracula saw this and cursed down at me. He threw big rocks down on me, trying to kill me, but all he did was wake and anger the cobras, who slithered up and attacked him. He ran away from them, screaming as they bit his legs and bum. I laughed and started after him.

That was when my real enemy leapt forward and showed himself.
I realised too late that Dracula was only a decoy. He wasn't what Moss Biskin had rang to tell me about. It was a werewolf who was killing all the people. He was a giant, hairy werewolf, with big claws and long teeth. He leapt on me and dragged me to the ground while I was still laughing at Dracula being bitten by the snakes. I screamed and tried to push him off but he was too strong.

The werewolf howled in my face. I'm not afraid of anything in this world -- except werewolves! I can't stand them! Trying hard not to cry, I punched the werewolf and ran away, but he was too quick and caught me. Rolling me over, he clawed a big hole in my belly, then stuck his jaws down to suck all my guts out. I knew I was in big trouble and I knew I couldn't escape. Was this the end of the intrepid Samuel Z. Grest?!?
No, it wasn't! At the last minute, as the werewolf started to suck, something jumped on his shoulder and bit his ears. He screamed and fell away from me. Sitting up, I saw the last thing in the world I had expected to see -- the blue rat who lives inside my head!! "Hello Sam," he said, smiling. "You didn't think I'd really let you come here by yourself, did you? I've been following you all along, waiting for the werewolf to make his move." "Have you killed him?" I asked, because the werewolf was lying very still now on the floor. "No," the blue rat said. "I put special ointment on my teeth when I bit him. It will make him better."

I watched as the werewolf's hairs began to vanish. After a while, he turned back into a human and I realised who he was. "Moss Biskin!" I shouted happily, helping him sit back up. "What's happening?" Moss Biskin asked, shaking his head stupidly. The blue rat and I laughed at his funny expression, then took him down the mountain, dragged up the plane from the bottom of the pond, and flew back home, where we told Moss Biskin all about it over three cups of tea and a plate of warm rat biscuits.
copied from darrenshan.com

Viva La Vampires

pic. from www.darrenshan.com
Vampires are cool! They can live for centuries without growing old, and they have many magical powers, and they can do whatever they like — except walk about in the daylight!

I have 62 books about vampires, or with bits in them about vampires. I'm not sure how many vampire movies I've seen, but I must have seen at least 50, probably a lot more. My favourite is Salem's Lot. The vampire in that film is really scary — bald and ugly, with long claws and very sharp fangs. I had nightmares when I first saw it, and I love having nightmares, so that was great!

My Mum isn't too keen on vampires, but maybe that's because of the time I squirted loads of tomato ketchup under the covers of her bed – so it looked like a pool of blood – and left a plastic vampire bat in it!!

There are lots of legends about vampires. Many of them, I think, are made up. I doubt if vampires can turn into fog or don't cast a shadow or turn to ash if they are hit with holy water or touched with a cross. And I'd be very surprised if they don't have reflections or if they can turn into bats and fly. I mean, bats have to learn how to fly. If a vampire turned into a bat, he'd probably just fall flat on the floor or bash into things while he was trying to fly.

I think the stories about bats started because vampires are friendly with bats. The books I've read – the serious, true books – say that bats and rats and wolves are kind of vampire pets. Vampires feed and look after them, just like humans feed and look after dogs.

I'd much rather have a bat than a dog for a pet. I asked my Mum to get me a bat or a rat for my last birthday, but she said "Not in this lifetime, buddy!" My Mum is soooooooo boring!

Vampires have to drink blood to survive. This is DEFINITELY true. I don’t know how much they need to drink, or how often, but a vampire will die if he doesn’t drink the right amount of blood. Drinking blood helps vampires live so long. I think that maybe humans might live longer if they drank blood too – then again, maybe they’d just get sick and die!

My best friend Darren Shan says he’d rather eat mud than drink blood, but I think drinking blood is cool. When I have cuts on my knees or elbows, I like to pick at my scabs and drink the small bit of blood that comes out. It’s very tasty!

Vampires are super-strong and super-fast, much stronger and faster than humans. They can punch through brick walls and run 100 metres in three or four seconds. If a vampire entered the Olympics, he’d win every gold medal in every event.

Most vampires are men. There are a few women vampires, but most women who want to get magic powers and live a long time prefer to become witches. I don’t know why this is so. Maybe it’s because most vampires feed upon adults – there’s more blood in a grown-up – whereas most witches eat little children. Since good women love to have and mind little children, I guess it’s only natural that evil women love to eat them!

To kill a vampire, you have to drive a stake through his heart. The stake doesn’t have to be made out of wood — hard plastic or steel will do too. Another way to kill a vampire is to cut off his head and stuff it with garlic. Or you can burn him. Or, if you can find him while he’s sleeping in the day, you can drag him out into sunlight and leave him to burn.

I feel quite sorry for vampires. They’re always being hunted and killed. I think people should leave them alone. Long ago, people sacrificed beautiful girls to their gods, and the gods left the rest of them alone. I think that’s what we should do with vampires. If we gave vampires a few beautiful girls every so often, I’m sure they’d just drink from them and not bother anybody else.

There are a couple of girls in my class I’d like to give to a vampire — and one or two teachers too!!!

To become a vampire, you have to drink the blood of another vampire, or else he has to do a blood transfer on you. It’s not true that you become a vampire when a vampire has drunk all your blood. All you become in that case is dead!

I’d love to become a vampire. I think it would be wonderful. I’d roam the world for hundreds of years, seeing loads of stuff I’d never see as a human. People would have to do what I said, or I’d drink their blood and kill them. I’d become a wrestler or a boxer and win every fight because of my super-strength. I’d have dozens of pet rats and bats, and I’d teach them every trick in the book. I might even marry a witch if I got lonely, but if she tried to cast a spell on me, I’d throw her to my pet wolf!

It would be great to be a vampire, but I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to become one, not until I grow up and move away from home. I mean, where are you going to run into a vampire around here?!?
* * * * *
Author's note: A teacher's report was attached to the end of the essay. He or she wrote: "B-. Very good, Steve, very imaginative, but a bit on the dark and miserable side. Why don't you write about clowns or something fun next time?"

this article is taken from www.darrenshan.com


Lovely Robbie!!

Namanya Robert Pattinson. Aku suka! Tapi hanya ketika dia bermain di Twilight. Di real world, aku males banget ngeliat mukanya yang sering unshaven. Beberapa orang really look cool being unshaven, tapi unshaven look bener2 not for RobPat. Kaga pantes!!!

The most real thing from Edward Cullen is that HE IS NOT REAL!!
Gotta keep that in mind.... *chuckles


Dia ganteng sekali...

Kangen nulis lagi...
Kali ini ingin sekali menyoroti film Twilight. Seorang teman baik membawakan soft file film ini dan tanpa pikir panjang saya segera meng-copy. Sebenarnya ini sedikit keluar jalur. Dalam dunia saya, saya punya peraturan yang sedari dulu selalu saya taati. Akhir-akhir ini banyak sekali novel dan cerita yang kemudian difilmkan. Biasanya, yang seperti ini hampir selalu menjadi hit. Nah, karena itu saya berjanji pada diri sendiri bahwa kalau belum membaca buku tersebut, saya mengharamkan diri sendiri untuk melihat filmnya. Bila dilakukan kebalikannya, saya takut nantinya imej di film tersebut akan mempengaruhi fantasi saya akan buku yang saya baca. Dan saya tidak suka itu. Semua film Harry Potter selalu saya tonton setelah saya membaca novelnya. Satu hal yang harus saya akui bahwa sampai detik ini saya belum membaca novel Harry Potter jilid 3,6, dan 7. Jadi, bisa dipastikan saya tidak melihat film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban di bioskop. Sampai kapanpun saya tidak akan melanggar janji saya. Itu kata saya waktu itu.
Sekarang tampaknya saya harus menelan perkataan saya sendiri. Beberapa menit yang lalu saya telah mencurangi diri sendiri dengan menonton film Twilight. Saya benar-benar tidak bisa menahan godaannya. Sebenarnya film itu biasa saja dari segi penokohan dan alur cerita. Namun yang menggemparkan adalah tokoh yang memerankan si vampir Edward Cullen. Robert Pattinson, sang pemeran Edward Cullen terasa begitu menghayati perannya sebagai vampir “baik”. Wajahnya mungkin tidak terlalu tampan untuk ukuran bintang film. Namun ada sesuatu di gesture dan tatapan matanya yang begitu “berisi” dan memancing penasaran. Saya termasuk dalam grup orang yang penasaran itu. Yeah, silakan saja kalian bertepuk tangan ataupun mengolok-olok saya karena saya yang notabene tidak suka daun muda ini mulai melirik si Pattinson itu. Gawat... Apa ini yang namanya tua-tua keladi? Entahlah...
Film ini lumayan berkesan bagi saya. Entah kenapa figur Edward begitu menyentuh dan menggetarkan. Saya rasa ini karena keinginannya yang begitu kuat untuk melawan kodratnya sebagai vampir dengan tidak minum darah manusia dan keteguhannya dalam melindungi Isabella. Yeah, bisa ditebak kalo Mbak Bella ini adalah kekasih Edward.
Tentang karakter Bella, sejak pertama saya melihatnya di film ini tidak menarik perhatian saya. Menurut saya penokohannya biasa saja dan terkesan seperti gadis biasa yang tidak ada istimewanya. Di luar sana orang-orang menggembar-gemborkan pemeran Isabella (yang saya tidak tahu namanya) sangat cantik. Terus terang saya kecewa, karena kecantikan Bella seperti kalah pamor dengan kegantengan Edward yang seperti memiliki inner strength dan sex appeal yang sangat kuat dan dominan. Silakan kalian menilai saya cemburu, tapi bagi saya Bella akan lebih “nendang” apabila diperankan oleh aktris sekelas Anne Hathaway atau pemeran wanita dalam film Pirates of the Carribean (saya lupa namanya).
The last but not the least, film ini lumayan “menggerakkan”. Maksud saya, ia bisa menggerakkan saya untuk mencari pacar yang bisa sekokoh dan se-protektif Edward. Kalau untuk seganteng Edward saya rasa itu sungguh keterlaluan. Saya rasa kegantengan Edward harus dibayar mahal dengan perangai yang aduhai buruknya. Membuat saya hilang rasa :P
Bagi penggemar Edward Cullen, kalian punya anggota baru... *huhuhuhu