25 things about me... *Thanking Nad for the tag!

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. I am a melancholic person. All of my best friends have got used to it. But, me didn’t, don’t and will not cry in front of men. Never!!

2. I love animal. I can’t stand seeing tortures toward animals. Something like bull race or horse race can make me weep. I hate seeing people making use of animals just for the sake of their power without thinking that they need to be pampered too!

3. I breathe reggae music. I adore local reggae music and collect their CDs. Malang is certainly not a city for a reggae CD collector like me. Gotta ask I’in for a favor :P

4. I love writing. I do write a lot when I am stressed especially with my love life. The last love story you can read it in my previous entries. I created a trilogy! Can you imagine? I also wrote some poems. They are all coming from my heart. Gosh! I’m such a melancholic writer.

5. I like guys with their dreadlock! Therefore, Rahwana will always be my idol. I wanted to dreadlock my hair, but imagining me with my dreadlock seems to be quite sad because that is so impossible. I work, guys! I need to look pretty with my eyeshadows, eyeliner, and mascara. How the hell am I gonna look that cute with my dreadlock waggling in my face? Hmmm??

6. I love taking pictures whenever and wherever. I always have my Olympus FE-320 in my bag wherever I go. Just in case if I meet Steven Kaligis, a boyfriend in my heart…

7. Steven Kaligis, the vocalist of Steven and Coconuttreez, is the hottest guy on earth. Iwan, the keyboardist, is number two. Rival, the bassist, is number three.

8. I can sing all Steven and Coconuttreez songs. I own all their CDs and cassette but I lost my first album (The Other Side). Anybody, please help me finding this CD. It is so damn rare!!!

9. I love my Casio watch. That watch, I got it for my 14th birthday present. My Dad gave it to me as the replacement of an Orange Baby G. I love it. I have changed the arm band three times (now it’s black). My ex owned it for a few years (until we broke up, I demanded my watch back!). I just love this watch. It’s from my Dad, ne?!

10. I am analytic. You might recognize me as a forgetful chick, but you will see when the time is right and I need my memory back. All of those silly details will come out of my head like bullets from a Baretta.

11. I love 11 as my lucky number.

12. I heart Ryan Giggs (my eternal love in football). He’s married, breaks my heart, and I can’t turn my head to other football players (beside Edwin van der Sar and Iker Casillas è yes, goalkeeper is the best hunks in the world!

13. I have a golden ring from Mecca, from my Mom. I always wear it until now. I love you, Mum. By the way, many Westerners have mistaken it as an engagement ring!! Hell, NO!!! Ich bin ledig!!

14. I used to be crazy in love with football, planned to be a professional player and as you might have guessed, my parents said no. I cried hard. I am not a football player, but I am good in juggling. Hihihihi

15. I was a manager of a football club called LEGATO FOOTBALL CLUB (LFC). I love this club so much. I kept their game statistics, and their pictures. I am a big fan of this club, even until now when this club is no longer exist. I miss you all, guys. I miss the strikers, the goal keepers, the midfielders, all!!! I wish I could turn back time and watch their games, each of their game all by myself. I don’t mind shouting from the bench telling the enemies to stop playing dirty games and stuffs. God knows that I really miss that time!

16. I have round eyes. A friend of my ex (when I was in the last year of my high school) said that I look like an owl. Really?? I like my eyes, though. Hehehe… Who doesn’t? *kikikikik

17. I have a great passion about make up since last year. Yeah. I joined a forum called Fashionese Daily, then I can’t get out of my house without eye liner in my eyes. Hehehe… I do love smokey eyes make up and trying to make the best smokey eyes ever, but I still have to learn a lot! I am a banci blush and eye shadow. I love collecting blush and eye shadows!!! Hehehe…

18. I am after a palette from PAC. It is called pearl eyeshadow palette (if I’m not mistaken). Yet, I have to save my money because that would be the most expensive eye shadow palette I have ever bought! Hihihihi…

19. I love ORANGE. Yup! That bright colour. All of my friends know my passion about this colour. Some of them even call me Jeruk or Sunkist! My personality is somewhat bright, just like orange! Sweet and sour at the same time…

20. I love collecting lip products *yeah, I know they are not eternal. Let me count

Z Vitamin E lip balm >> The Body Shop

Z Satsuma Shimmer lip balm >> The Body Shop, this one I have two stacks

Z Watermelon lip balm >> >> The Body Shop

Z Visions Lip Gloss “Virgin” >> Oriflame

Z Whipstick >> Lush

Z Lip Squeak >> Lush

Z Lip & Cheek Stain >> The Body Shop

Z Liquid Lip Colour >> The Body Shop

Z Lipglaze Vanilla >> Stila

Z Lipglaze Apricot >> Stila

Z Pleasureseeker lipstick >> MAC

Z Pot Rouge - Pale Pink >> Bobbi Brown

Z Super Lustrous Lip Gloss >> Revlon

Z Some more... * I forget, hehehe…

21. There are four important people that I usually address them as my freelance mind translator. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in confusion, talking with Niken, Devi, Mbak Fitri and Reza will help me a lot. They help me unleashing the scrambled threads in my head. Hell… I hope I still get my free access to them when confusion is coming to town… *ehehehe

22. I have felt two times falling in love during my whole life time. Those loves are not there to keep. They were slipping from my hands, yet I learned a lot from them, including the you-cannot-have-all-the-things-you-wish-for lesson. Garfield, thank you for the lesson. Now I am back to reality that you and I, we are coming from different planets. We can’t be together, Hun… Still, you have to keep our Felix and I keep our Dominique. Rahwana, you are a big lesson! I understand Rama after my crush to you has come to an end. That was a crush and I am still your biggest fan. You’re beautiful…

23. Three things to go!! Yeah!! Mmm… what else… I just failed to reach my dream of schooling in Germany this year. Yup, I missed the approval from my institution. That scholarship is just simply not for me. I’m disappointed, but time will heal, for sure!!

24. Many people said that I am an easy going person. You know, in my age many girls will have a headache thinking about their future husband, potential job, etc. They see me as a person who is lay back and relaxed. Guys, let me tell you one thing, actually I fret about my soulmate, too. You don’t think I am a solitary lover, do you? I thought about it only after I watched drama movie. Hehehehehe… Aku juga pengen punya pacar lho, Teman…

25. I am not a lesbian! NO WAY!! NO CHANCE!! Don’t even think I’m an ACDC because I am straight! Do I make myself clear??


Anonymous said...

Hi jingga...I was about looking for steven and the coconut treez official sites when I found your blog. So have you ever met him, I mean Steven? I met him in Gili trawangan island. I went there for a vacation during my holiday and surprisingly we stayed at the same hotel. He's a nice guy and very friendly. I took some picture with him. I also met Irwan. I never known that he's playing the keyboard. I was waiting to 12.00 pm just to hear him singing at cafe SAMA SAMA. I'm one of Steven fans since that day:)


Hey you Mr./Ms. Anonymous...
Thanks for reading!
I'm a drop dead biggest fan of Steven and Coconuttreez, but until now I haven't got the chance to see them in person.
The closest place to see them was on A Mild Soundrenaline. They are the performers. I am the spectator...
I can believe your luck is too good to be true...for me :P
Have you collected their CDs? I have! I have the four of them...
Cool songs, indeed! :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Jingga...I'm a miss...:D...I suggest you to join facebook to meet them in person. I've added aray and tege as my friend on facebook and I even had chance to chat with aray in a fb chat room. He has a new band of his own called RayDSKY. He will launch his band new album on July, he said. I've tried to add Steven/Tpenk but Aray said maybe he's not open his account much so maybe he never known that I add him as my friend. For your information coconuttrees will vacuum for some period of time coz their personnels are busy with their own band. Pallo also make his own band named P.A.L.L.O...Altire that the info I could give to you. Hope you like it....cheers...Jah never let us down Opa Marley said...hahahah