Bailey kurindu...

Kok bisa ya aku sampe ter-penasaran yang sungguh dalam ke minuman ini! Rasanya kaya enaaaaaaakk banget!!!
Tadi uda bilang sama Reza kalo aku mupeng cobain...

"Gak boleh!" katanya.

Pulang dengan lunglai...

Beyb, klo kamu berubah pikiran sms aku ya...
Aku siyaaaaaaaaaapppp!!

This is Kim's Way!!!

Kim is a wonderful woman, rite? I like the way she puts on her make up!! Cooollll!!!
By the way, here's the step by step to achieve her look. I got it from Specktra

Okay, this is going to be a long post because I absolutely love makeup! And I mix so many different kinds.Here we go...

Just so everyone knows, my make up artist Stephen Moleski has pretty much taught me everything I know.

Remember that everyone's color is different so please ask someone at the store where you purchase your makeup what works for you. Even if you think we have the same skin coloring, our tones can be different and I don't want anyone to waste money on concealer or foundation colors that aren't absolutely perfect!

STEP 1: I always start with a clean face. Then I put on Intuit 'Photo Shoot.' Intuit is a great company and I love the names of their products. Photo Shoot is a make up primer. I put it on after my moisturizer, which basically is like a moisturizer that will fill the pours on your face which will help set the foundation so it will last longer.

STEP 2: I use Cle De Peau concealer stick (it's super expensive, but works for me). It comes in two colors, I use Ocre, which is the darker of the two. I also use M.A.C. concealer (which comes in a little pot) if I run out of Cle de Peau. Everyone's color is different but I use NW25. I put the concealer under my eyes because I absolutely hate dark circles! I also use concealer to cover up blemishes!

STEP 3: After I put the concealer on I put on Make Up Forever liquid foundation. I mix one pump of No. 5 and two pumps of No. 4. I also have No. 3 for the winter time when I am really pale. I mix the foundations to get the perfect color. I blend them with the coolest make up brush. Its the M.A.C. brush No. 180.

STEP 4: Since I hate dark circles, after the foundation, I put on a little more concealer just under my eyes since the foundation makes it darker under my eyes. I use a lighter concealer from M.A.C. NW30 in a little lipstick tube-looking container and I select 'moisture cover.'

STEP 5: To set the foundation I lightly brush on with a big powder brush M.A.C. Select Sheer Pressed Powder NC 30, then to make me a little tanner I lightly brush on M.A.C. Powder NW 45.

STEP 6: Now its blush time! I'm obsessed with blush! I use a color called Gingerly to warm me up and give me a little color and then add a pink color called Cheek to give me rosey cheeks. I just started getting into cream blush and find it works a lot better and lasts a lost longer.

STEP 7: Time for the eyes! My favorite part! I first put down a M.A.C. Paint pot in a light color that matches my skin called Painterly. I just use my finder and put enough onto cover the lid. This creamy shadow makes it so that the powder eye shadow does not crease. Like, if you wear make up all day you will see that the eye shadow begins to crease and get oily, but if you put this paint color down first it won't! I love cream shadow and use the color cream pots too! I love colored shadow; so it depends on the color depend of shadow I plan to wear: If it's black smokey I use Carbon by M.A.C.; if its grey smokey I use Knight Divine or Print; if it's bown smokey I use Embark by M.A.C. I love a fresh shimmery look as well and use M.A.C. Pigment called Tan. Its so pretty! I love bright colors for eye make up! I absolutely love Make Up Forever and don't think anyone does pigment colors better than them. So again, depending on what color you feel like wearing, go look at Make Up Forever's colors to choose from.

STEP 8: I always use black pencil eyeliner. My favorite is Stilla black pencil.

STEP 9: Now its mascara time! Putting on mascara completes the look, but I have it when I mess up and get it on my eye lid and mess up the eye shadow. I used to use Lancome Hypnose, and still do, but I recently started to use M.A.C. Zoom mascara -- which is amazing! I take my time and put coat after coat. I love to layer mascaras so I will probably start with the M.A.C. Zoom and then put Lancome Hypnose on top. I always use a seperator brush to seperate my lashes. I am completely clueless on how to put false lashes on, so I only wear them for photo shoots sometimes.

STEP 10: The final touch is putting on lipstick! I usually use M.A.C. Lipliner called Stripdown (I use it very lightly) and a lipstick called Angel and put Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss on top. Or for my very nude matte lip I wear Nars Belle De Jour and I line my lips first with M.A.C. Subculture lipliner.

That completes the Kim Kardashian make up lesson!

By the way, the inspiration for this post came from the many makeup questions I've read in the comments areas of this site!... including this one...
'SEXY' said: Hey Kim... Just writing to let you I'm a huge fan of urs...... And I love ur makeup style, but please tell me the name of the shadows you buy from forever make up [at Sephora]?? ...PLEASE KIM in ur future makeup comments can u be more specific on brand and type Cause I love the makeup u wear!!!!! And what foundation do u wear and which lancome mascara ???

I hope this was helpful. Keep your comments and questions coming -- I love to read them!


P.S. Stay tuned because I'm planning to do a video blog of me actually putting my makeup on -- to show you all of my helpful tips in action.

MAC Sugarsweet

Eye Shadows - $14.50USD
* Sugarshot - Pale frosty beige (Lustre) (LE)
* Dear Cupcake - Mid-tone pink coral with gold pearlized pigments (Satin) (LE)
* Aquavert - Soft mint with white pearlized pigments (Veluxe Pearl) (LE) (Repromote from Lure)
* Stars 'n' Rockets - Lavender with red/pink reflects (Veluxe Pearl) (Permanent)
* Club - Muted reddish brown duo-chrome with green opalescent shimmer (Satin) (Permanent)

Shadesticks - (LE) $16.50USD
* Cakeshop - Frosted light neutral beige
* Lemon Chiffon - Frosted pewter
* Butternutty - Frosted pale white gold
* Red Velvet - Frosted mid-tone pink
* Penny - Light pinky copper (Repromote)

Lipsticks - $14.00USD
* Sweet Thing - Mid-tone magenta with multi-dimensional pearl (Lustre) (LE)
* Bubbles - Sheer frosty white beige (Glaze) (LE) (Repromote of DCd Item)
* Touch - Peachy cinnamon (Lustre) (Permanent)
* Lollipop Loving - Mid-tone coral with subtle green with gold iridescence (Glaze) (LE) (Repromote from Heatherette)
* Saint Germain - Pastel pink (Amplified Creme) (Permanent in select Europe locations)

Tri-Colour Lipglass (LE) - $17.50USD
* Tasty -
Top: Sheer blue pink with reflects.
Middle: Mid-tone blue pink with duo-chrome pearlized pigments.
Bottom: Dark creamy red pink

* Just Dessert -
Top: Sheer yellow pink with reflects.
Middle: Mid-tone yellow pink with duo-chrome pearlized pigments.
Bottom: Mid-tone creamy yellow pink

* Simply Delicious -
Top: Sheer peach with reflects.
Middle: Pale coral with duo-chrome pearlized pigments. Bottom: Creamy mid-tone coral

* Triple-Yum -
Top: Sheer gold with gold reflects.
Middle: True gold with duo-come pearlized pigments. Bottom: Mid-tone bronze

* Consume Me -
Top: Sheer white with reflects.
Middle: Pale mint with duo-chrome pearlized pigments. Bottom: Creamy light peach with pearlized pigments

Mineralize Skinfinishes - (LE) $27.00USD
* Perfect Topping - Pink/Peach/Lavender melange
* Refined - Tan/Peach/Coral melange

Mascara - (Perm) $12.00USD
* Zoom Lash: Zoomblack - Rich black

Lash (Perm) - $12.00USD
* #34 Lash - Dramatically long. Wispy. Features a long, winged-corner edge.

Nail Lacquer (LE) - $11.00USD
* Peppermint Patti - Creamy mint green (Cream)
* Seasonal Peach - Creamy pale peachy pink (Cream) (Repromote from Creme Sheen Fall 08)

Haiiiiizzz!! Cantik dan lucu yaaaaaaahhhh!!
Hmmm... pengen Lipglass yg Consume Me and Triple Yumm... Rez, beliin doooooongg

Happy drooling!!!



My wish to Allah...


Ya Allah...
I am drooling over this gadget. Can I have this?
Could you please be kind to me and give me my wish?
I promise I won't fret about the German scholarship. I simply know it is not for me and I promise I won't regret the slipping away chance.

Dear Allah..
I really want this Blackberry soooo bad!
I promise I will be a nice girl for my Mom and Dan and for the people around me.
I swear in the holy name your Yours.



25 things about me... *Thanking Nad for the tag!

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. I am a melancholic person. All of my best friends have got used to it. But, me didn’t, don’t and will not cry in front of men. Never!!

2. I love animal. I can’t stand seeing tortures toward animals. Something like bull race or horse race can make me weep. I hate seeing people making use of animals just for the sake of their power without thinking that they need to be pampered too!

3. I breathe reggae music. I adore local reggae music and collect their CDs. Malang is certainly not a city for a reggae CD collector like me. Gotta ask I’in for a favor :P

4. I love writing. I do write a lot when I am stressed especially with my love life. The last love story you can read it in my previous entries. I created a trilogy! Can you imagine? I also wrote some poems. They are all coming from my heart. Gosh! I’m such a melancholic writer.

5. I like guys with their dreadlock! Therefore, Rahwana will always be my idol. I wanted to dreadlock my hair, but imagining me with my dreadlock seems to be quite sad because that is so impossible. I work, guys! I need to look pretty with my eyeshadows, eyeliner, and mascara. How the hell am I gonna look that cute with my dreadlock waggling in my face? Hmmm??

6. I love taking pictures whenever and wherever. I always have my Olympus FE-320 in my bag wherever I go. Just in case if I meet Steven Kaligis, a boyfriend in my heart…

7. Steven Kaligis, the vocalist of Steven and Coconuttreez, is the hottest guy on earth. Iwan, the keyboardist, is number two. Rival, the bassist, is number three.

8. I can sing all Steven and Coconuttreez songs. I own all their CDs and cassette but I lost my first album (The Other Side). Anybody, please help me finding this CD. It is so damn rare!!!

9. I love my Casio watch. That watch, I got it for my 14th birthday present. My Dad gave it to me as the replacement of an Orange Baby G. I love it. I have changed the arm band three times (now it’s black). My ex owned it for a few years (until we broke up, I demanded my watch back!). I just love this watch. It’s from my Dad, ne?!

10. I am analytic. You might recognize me as a forgetful chick, but you will see when the time is right and I need my memory back. All of those silly details will come out of my head like bullets from a Baretta.

11. I love 11 as my lucky number.

12. I heart Ryan Giggs (my eternal love in football). He’s married, breaks my heart, and I can’t turn my head to other football players (beside Edwin van der Sar and Iker Casillas è yes, goalkeeper is the best hunks in the world!

13. I have a golden ring from Mecca, from my Mom. I always wear it until now. I love you, Mum. By the way, many Westerners have mistaken it as an engagement ring!! Hell, NO!!! Ich bin ledig!!

14. I used to be crazy in love with football, planned to be a professional player and as you might have guessed, my parents said no. I cried hard. I am not a football player, but I am good in juggling. Hihihihi

15. I was a manager of a football club called LEGATO FOOTBALL CLUB (LFC). I love this club so much. I kept their game statistics, and their pictures. I am a big fan of this club, even until now when this club is no longer exist. I miss you all, guys. I miss the strikers, the goal keepers, the midfielders, all!!! I wish I could turn back time and watch their games, each of their game all by myself. I don’t mind shouting from the bench telling the enemies to stop playing dirty games and stuffs. God knows that I really miss that time!

16. I have round eyes. A friend of my ex (when I was in the last year of my high school) said that I look like an owl. Really?? I like my eyes, though. Hehehe… Who doesn’t? *kikikikik

17. I have a great passion about make up since last year. Yeah. I joined a forum called Fashionese Daily, then I can’t get out of my house without eye liner in my eyes. Hehehe… I do love smokey eyes make up and trying to make the best smokey eyes ever, but I still have to learn a lot! I am a banci blush and eye shadow. I love collecting blush and eye shadows!!! Hehehe…

18. I am after a palette from PAC. It is called pearl eyeshadow palette (if I’m not mistaken). Yet, I have to save my money because that would be the most expensive eye shadow palette I have ever bought! Hihihihi…

19. I love ORANGE. Yup! That bright colour. All of my friends know my passion about this colour. Some of them even call me Jeruk or Sunkist! My personality is somewhat bright, just like orange! Sweet and sour at the same time…

20. I love collecting lip products *yeah, I know they are not eternal. Let me count

Z Vitamin E lip balm >> The Body Shop

Z Satsuma Shimmer lip balm >> The Body Shop, this one I have two stacks

Z Watermelon lip balm >> >> The Body Shop

Z Visions Lip Gloss “Virgin” >> Oriflame

Z Whipstick >> Lush

Z Lip Squeak >> Lush

Z Lip & Cheek Stain >> The Body Shop

Z Liquid Lip Colour >> The Body Shop

Z Lipglaze Vanilla >> Stila

Z Lipglaze Apricot >> Stila

Z Pleasureseeker lipstick >> MAC

Z Pot Rouge - Pale Pink >> Bobbi Brown

Z Super Lustrous Lip Gloss >> Revlon

Z Some more... * I forget, hehehe…

21. There are four important people that I usually address them as my freelance mind translator. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in confusion, talking with Niken, Devi, Mbak Fitri and Reza will help me a lot. They help me unleashing the scrambled threads in my head. Hell… I hope I still get my free access to them when confusion is coming to town… *ehehehe

22. I have felt two times falling in love during my whole life time. Those loves are not there to keep. They were slipping from my hands, yet I learned a lot from them, including the you-cannot-have-all-the-things-you-wish-for lesson. Garfield, thank you for the lesson. Now I am back to reality that you and I, we are coming from different planets. We can’t be together, Hun… Still, you have to keep our Felix and I keep our Dominique. Rahwana, you are a big lesson! I understand Rama after my crush to you has come to an end. That was a crush and I am still your biggest fan. You’re beautiful…

23. Three things to go!! Yeah!! Mmm… what else… I just failed to reach my dream of schooling in Germany this year. Yup, I missed the approval from my institution. That scholarship is just simply not for me. I’m disappointed, but time will heal, for sure!!

24. Many people said that I am an easy going person. You know, in my age many girls will have a headache thinking about their future husband, potential job, etc. They see me as a person who is lay back and relaxed. Guys, let me tell you one thing, actually I fret about my soulmate, too. You don’t think I am a solitary lover, do you? I thought about it only after I watched drama movie. Hehehehehe… Aku juga pengen punya pacar lho, Teman…

25. I am not a lesbian! NO WAY!! NO CHANCE!! Don’t even think I’m an ACDC because I am straight! Do I make myself clear??



Ich bin verliebt...
Mein Herz weint so stark das es blutet.
Aber ich halte es aus

Weil du doch mein Schatz bist!



Beberapa hari ini saya merasa risih luar biasa. Yeah, poni saya mulai kepanjangan. Saya tidak terbiasa dengan rambut yang menjuntai-juntai di wajah. Risih! Karena sudah tidak tahan, tanpa pikir panjang saya melangkahkan kaki ke salon dekat rumah. Salon ini terkenal karena bisa memotong rambut orang dengan cepat dan bagus. Maklum, sang hairdresser lulusann sekolah rambut di negeri Paman Hitler. Sambil memotong rambut, terkadang saya iseng mengajak ngobrol dalam bahasa Jerman. Bisa ditebak, saya yang duluan menyerah. Ich verstehe nicht, entschuldigung (Saya tidak mengerti, maaf)… Yah, siapa tahu dengan sok akrab begitu saya bisa mendapat diskon :P
Kembali ke urusan rambut saya, sesampainya di salon ternyata antrian tidak terlalu panjang. Beberapa menit saya habiskan untuk mencuci rambut, kemudian giliran saya segera tiba. Dengan cepat saya jelaskan bahwa saya hanya ingin merapikan rambut dan memendekkan poni yang sudah terlalu panjang. Kress! Kress! Yup! Panjang poninya pas… panjang rambutnya juga…
Setelah diblow beberapa saat, saya mulai merasa bahwa saya melupakan sesuatu. Dalam keadaan kering rambut saya selalu sedikit mengembang. Sejak SD banyak yang iri dengan poni saya karena selalu mengembang dengan alami seperti poni bintang telenovela, Thalia. Bila dalam keadaan basah panjangnya pas, berarti dalam keadaan kering rambut saya akan sedikit menggembung. Yeah! Poni saya terlalu pendek. Saya pulang dari salon dengan cemberut. Seharian saya habiskan di rumah saja.
Hari ini saya berangkat ke kantor dengan enggan. Ingin rasanya bolos saja, jika itu bisa memanjangkan poni saya beberapa millimeter saja. Saya tetap ke kantor. Pertama masuk beberapa siswa magang sudah menahan tawa. Haduhhhh… malunya!! Mereka bergerombol dan menunjuk-nunjuk saya. Saya pura-pura tidak tahu.
Tiba-tiba perhatian saya tertumbuk pada seorang anak laki-laki. Sepertinya dia siswa magang yang baru. Kasihan, duduk sendirian di pojokan.
Beberapa menit kemudian dia beranjak dari duduknya, dia datang menghampiri orang di sebelahnya untuk memperkenalkan diri. Dengan tenang dia berkeliling untuk bersalaman dan memperkenalkan diri. Ketika giliranku dia berkata seperti ini (tanpa diedit).
Anak SMU : Wasis
Saya : Adhit
Anak SMU : PSG disini juga??
Seketika meledaklah tawa siswa magang yang duduk disebelah saya, Sari dan Kiki. Mereka langsung meledek “sekolah di mana, Mbak?”. Duh, saya sampai salah tingkah. Si Wasis juga salah tingkah. Poni ini membunuhku.
Ah sudahlah. Satu pelajaran saya ambil, jangan memotong poni terlalu pendek bila tak mau dilirik daun muda.